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Many firms believe that client satisfaction is enough to drive advocacy behaviour such as positive word of mouth and referrals. The future success of firms will come only by forming a mutually beneficial relationship with their clients, rather than simply providing a ‘satisfactory’ service.

To drive loyalty and advocacy, firms need a better understanding of their clients. Rokman Laing can help you improve your understanding of your clients.

We undertake client research professional services providing you with the information, resources and insight to make strategic client decisions. We can help you improve your understanding of your clients to enhance your knowledge as part of key client development programmes or strategic brand development.

Services include

Client satisfaction research

How can you encourage clients to return and buy more? Our client satisfaction research is designed to help you win and maintain clients for life.

Corporate reputation research

Understanding market perceptions of your firm is empowering. Leverage this insight to enhance your brand, corporate reputation and positioning, and impact your bottom line.

Thought leadership research

One-on-one interviews with clients and intermediaries can help you understand more about their objectives and concerns, and how your firm figures into them.

Marketing communications research

Social media, events, email, direct mail. Which channels are the most effective? We shape highly-focused and marketing communications strategies aimed at maximising ROI.

Market segmentation research

Market segmentation research delivers real commercial impact.  We can help you identify, size and value each segment and provide you with the ideal proposition, positioning and message.

Product development research

Thorough market research into new product opportunities, interpreted with analytical insight and experience, can help minimise the risk of failure and enhance the potential.

Sound interesting?

We are one of a very few client research professional services agencies to align our offerings along industry lines.

We have developed an intensive understanding of professional service firms, so that we can provide our clients with an informed view on any issues they face.

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Send us an email, request a quotation, stay in touch and follow us on twitter.

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